Like blasting stuff with guns? Shootin Shit.com is a site is dedicated to the sport of hunting inanimate objects with firearms. Hideous statues, tacky figurines, and eyesore lawn ornaments beware.
     The idea of Shootin’ Shit .com came when I decided that I needed to buy some guns and went to the internet to edify myself on this huge subject of firearms. After spending hours and hours looking at specs., manuals, and charts and reading peoples opinions on forums I thought about how cool it would be to just watch people blast some shit. Plus I wanted to blast some shit too.
     Shootin Shit is an on going project with new videos hopefully every couple of weeks showcasing a variety of firearms in bizarre human versus something-or-other matches. Enjoy.

Party with guns

We also like to party.




1/2/2008 Bunny Vs Bear

New Video


Bunny Vs Bear

Featuring the Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum

2/20/2007 New Section "Virtual Blastin"

Click on the object and watch it get blown to pieces.

12/02/2006 YouTube Shit section has been added

The YouTube section features the best shooting videos I've found so far. If you have a good one let me know.

10/03/2006 Dogs!

Finally a new Shootin Shit:



Featuring the H&R single shot 12 gauge Turkey Gun

4/24/2006 Shootin' Shit is Online

Check out the first seven videos:

The Chef Vs. Guy in Sparkly Cape

12 Gauge Winchester 1300 Defender

Doll Face Vs. Dude up in a Tree

30-30 Marlin 336

#77 Vs. Ted the Facial Hosery Enthusiast

.40 Caliber HK USP


variety of rifles and shotguns

Rabbit 1 & 2

20 Gauge Ithaca Semi-Auto

Trespassing Lawn Ornaments

12 Gauge Winchester 1300 Ducks Unlimited Edition

The Untouchable Burro Vs. The Birthday Boy

12 Gauge Remington 870



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